:output code of honor

Employers who post job on the open :output job board as well as appliying students commit themselves to a code of honor regarding working conditions for internships.


  1. Internships are paid fairly with a minimum amount of 400 EUR/month.
  2. Interns should not be used to replace formerly paid job positions.
  3. The goal for an internship is to provide a professional learning experience. Interns therefore are integrated in a creative project team and are assigned working tasks connected to current projects according to their abilities and qualifications.
  4. Interns should get an insight into the different parts of the creative/professional process covering concept making, design and implementation.
  5. Interns are assigned a senior employee in the company as a mentor who reviews the learning process of the intern and provides feedback to the interns working performance.


  1. Students bring enthousiasm and motivation to their internship.
  2. Students are receptive to critique and integrate themselves in a team.
  3. Students take repsonsibility for their assigned working tasks and work as independent as possible.